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Maryvale Elementary   School

"Dress for Success"

Please note that the uniform policy will be strictly enforced during the

2015-2016 school year.

Boys must wear the following:

v  Khaki pants or knee length shorts with royal blue polo shirts (no oversized or sagging pants or shorts)

Girls must wear the following:

v Khaki pants, knee length khaki shorts, knee length khaki skorts, or khaki capris with royal blue polo shirts- NO SKIRTS

v Khaki jumpers (gym shorts underneath) with royal blue polo shirts

v White or black tights with feet (NO LEGGINGS)

v Purses may not be worn throughout the day


All outerwear must be either solid blue, solid black, solid gray, or solid white with no logos or decorations- this includes jackets, sweaters, and coats.


Boys and Girls:

v Shoes: any color athletic shoes or lace-up shoes - no boots, no slip-ons, no sandals, no open toed, no open heeled shoes

v Navy, tan, brown, or black belt with NO decorations

v No oversized or tight fitting clothes

v No oversized jackets

v Hats, hoods and/or gloves are not allowed to be worn inside

v No leggings or pants worn under shorts, skorts or jumpers

v Only Stud Earrings allowed in ears and NO other body piercings are allowed

v Hair must be of natural color

v No hair picks

v Nails must be trimmed short, no attached nail accessory

v Jewelry: No large, dangling, distracting jewelry

v NO make-up or body art allowed

v Shirts must be tucked in

v Any Solid colored undershirts EXCEPT black or red (Students will be asked to remove black or red undershirts)

v No distracting or visibly tall socks

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